Getting started with SassDoc could not be any easier.

npm install sassdoc -g


Write SassDoc compliant comments. The syntax is pretty close to JSDoc’s although we took some liberty with it.

SassDoc command

sassdoc <src>... [options]
sassdoc - [options]

… where:

  • <src> is the path to one or more Sass folders or glob expressions to SCSS/Sass files; if - is given instead, SassDoc will read from stdin;
  • [options] are the options.


Option Role
-h, --help Bring help.
--version Show version.
-v, --verbose Enable verbose mode.
-d, --dest Documentation folder [default: sassdoc].
-c, --config Path to JSON/YAML configuration file.
-t, --theme Theme to use.
-p, --parse Parse the input and output JSON data to stdout.
--no-update-notifier Disable update notifier check.
--strict Turn warnings into errors.
--debug Output debugging information.


Open the index.html file generated in the sassdoc directory (or the path you gave to --dest). It should contain your documentation! What about configuring and customising the view a little bit now?