SassDocify is a little command-line tool that helps you to publish a GitHub Pages site with your SassDoc-powered documentation. It creates a gh-pages branch in the current git repository, and documents the <src> directory within it.

Important: SassDocify is a shell script and will work only on Unix systems (tested successfully on MacOS, Linux and BSD). If you run Windows, you can still use it through MinGW or a similar Unix tool set for Windows, though these haven't been tested.


npm install -g sassdocify


sassdocify [options] [<src>]

If <src> is not given, it’s set to the current directory.


Option Role
-h, --help Show help.
-V, --version Show version.
-m, --message Set the Git commit message.


Document current directory in a gh-pages branch of the current repository.


Use custom SassDoc options:

SASSDOC='sassdoc --verbose' sassdocify

Give the source directory:

sassdocify stylesheets

Custom Git commit message:

sassdocify -m 'New SassDoc theme'