Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a SassDoc theme.

  • Let you chose your preferred template engine.
  • Build the theme views and index.js based on prompts.
  • Default Sass starter structure.
  • Let you use a pre-defined Grunt or Gulp workflow.
  • Templates loaded with examples and comments.


Install generator-sassdoc-theme:

npm install -g generator-sassdoc-theme

Make a new theme directory, and cd into it:

mkdir my-new-theme && cd $_

Run yo sassdoc-theme, optionally passing a theme name:

yo sassdoc-theme [options] [<theme-name>]


  • --init: Force to prompt question and re-initialize .yo-rc.json.
  • --skip-install: Skips the automatic execution of npm after scaffolding has finished.
  • --theme-engine=[engine]: Template engine (defaults to swig). Supported engines: jade, swig, nunjucks, handlebars

Sub generators

generator-sassdoc-theme is divided into sub-generators, hence you have to possibility to call them directly in cases where you would like a certain functionality without bootstraping a full theme generation.

Views: generates index.js and views templates. Example:

yo sassdoc-theme:jade

Task runners: generates Gruntfile.js or Gulpfile.js and package.json. Example:

yo sassdoc-theme:grunt

Caution! Running a sub-generator on an existing theme will override the corresponding files. Although Yeoman will prompt you for confirmation before doing so.